There’s something about summertime that makes us want to look and feel our best. Whether it’s gaining the confidence to show off your cute new bikini or looking for ways to simplify your summer beauty routine, cosmetic treatments are increasingly sought after as the weather starts to warm up. While Botox® injections are a safe and easy way to help you look your best all-year-round, summer is a particularly perfect time to treat yourself.

There is Very Little Recovery Time

Summers are synonymous with vacations, road trips, and outdoor adventures. Procedures that require more time before, during, and after treatment are not ideal for the year’s most exciting season. While other, more invasive treatments might require days, or even weeks, of preparation and downtime, Botox® allows you to refresh and renew without interrupting your busy schedule. In fact, you can easily squeeze a Botox® treatment between your morning brunch and your afternoon trip to the farmer’s market. Just make sure to skip the mimosas and the trip to gym! You should give yourself 24 hours after treatment to avoid any strenuous exercise and alcohol.

Botox® Can Reduce Sweating

When doctors discovered that patients who underwent cosmetic Botox® treatments also experienced less sweating at and near the injection sites, a new, off-label use was born. While many who seek out Botox® for sweating suffer from hyperhydrosis, or a condition in which the body perspires too much, it has the same effect on those who just want to avoid sweating off their makeup as the temperature creeps up. One treatment can last up to three months, which means that you can enjoy your whole summer without worrying whether or not your foundation can last through a baseball game or family picnic.

Be Proactive About Squint Lines

When we think summer, we think sunshine. While safely soaking up some vitamin D feels nice, the brightness of a July afternoon can lead to squinting. When we crinkle our eyes to protect them from harsh rays, we are contributing to the severity of crow’s feet, the tiny wrinkles that appear at the corners of your eyes as you age. Botox® works to block the signals from our brain that tell those muscles to move, so with a few injections, you can stop squinting in its tracks. Just be sure to pack your sunglasses!

Whether you’re new to Botox® or a dermal injections pro, there’s no time like the present to indulge yourself with a little cosmetic TLC. Speak with the experienced providers at ADCI for all of your Botox® needs and gain the confidence to put your best face forward.