Packing for a trip is stressful… Between making checklists, finding your luggage, deciding what outfits to bring, and getting out the door on time, it’s tough not to throw your whole skincare product stash in a bag and call it a day. After all, you want to continue to give your skin the same pampering and nourishment it’s come to expect, and skipping a step in your skincare routine is out of the question. Fight the urge to pack your entire vanity, and reduce your pre-vacation stress by leaving all the extras at home.

You can keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing no matter where you travel with these 4 beauty essentials:

A High SPF Sunscreen

Even if you forget to bring every other skincare product with you, packing your SPF is a non-negotiable. It’s very likely that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun while you’re relaxing, and a serious burn can put a damper on the fun. Not only is it painful, itchy, and irritating, but it can also lead to much more serious issues later, like premature aging, dryness, and skin cancer. You can check out our blog about SPF application, but the key is to wear a broad spectrum (UVA, UVB), water resistant, SPF 30 or higher for anything active.

A Light Moisturizer

In the summer, a heavy moisturizer can actually do more harm than good. When we’re hot, our pores open to allow heat and sweat to escape. Blocking our pores with oily, heavy moisturizers stops that heat from leaving our body and allows the products to sink deeper into our skin. Opt for something lightweight and non-greasy. Moisturizers containing Alpha Hydroxy and Poly Hydroxy acids exfoliate and do not clog pores. Apply in the morning to help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day and at night to help it rehydrate from your hours in the sun.


Whatever cleanser you normally use at home, you’re going to want to bring it with you on the trip. A sudden shakeup to your skincare routine can cause breakouts, sensitivity, and other unwanted reactions. Remember that it’s not necessary to use your cleanser every time you jump in the shower to rinse off or cool down. Stick to once in the morning and once at night. Over-cleansing can damage your skin barrier.

Your Favorite Serum

Serums help deliver the benefits of heavier moisturizers without the greasiness. They penetrate deeply into your skin, delivering active ingredients that help tone, plump, and protect your skin. There are countless numbers of ingredients and concentrations out there, so finding the right serum is really about honing in on what your particular skin needs. It might be a boost of antioxidants to fight the signs of aging or anti-inflammatories to neutralize redness.

The best way to learn more about the type of serum, or any other skincare product, you should bring along on vacation is by chatting with one of our experts at Advanced Skin Therapeutics. We can help you find the perfect ingredients to nurture your skin, whether at home or abroad!