Are you looking for lusciously supple, plumped lips without using dermal fillers? Adding a few simple lip-loving steps to your beauty routine can give your pout a natural boost.

Start with Supplements

Like most beauty goals, effective solutions start by treating the source of your woes. Aging lips fall victim to the same signs of aging as the rest of our skin, losing volume and firmness as collagen production decreases.

Supplements like elon Skin Anew offer a potent formulation of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, grape seed extract, and biotin to combat the aging process by providing your skin– including your lips– with all the nutritional support it needs to efficiently and effectively replace depleted skin matrix proteins. The addition of hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant, helps retain moisture, keeping your entire complexion bright, supple, and plump.

Scrub Away Dullness With an Exfoliating Scrub

Lips are just as prone as your complexion to look dull and lifeless when covered in dry skin because it reflects less light than hydrated, healthy skin. Pampering your pout with an exfoliating  scrub is a fast, easy way to get rid of flakes, increase circulation, and increase cell turnover rate, giving your lips a quick pick-me-up. 

You can gently rub Clinician’s Complex Microdermabrasion Cream to improve your skin’s tone and texture. This exfoliating cream uses diamond-shaped crystals to gently remove dulling or damaged cells. As it exfoliates to reveal smooth, healthy skin, it encourages cell renewal. Revision Skincare Finishing Touch microdermabrasion scrub will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and moisturized with its blend of Polynesian volcanic black sand (Silica), ultra-fine pumice and Freshwater Silt

Keep Your Pout Hydrated

When your lips are dehydrated, they lose the natural cushion of fluids that give well-moisturized mouths their natural fullness. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you should take a two-prong approach to rehydrate and protect your lips. 

First, apply a hyaluronic acid-based lip serum. This skincare superhero can draw in and retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, giving a parched pout enough moisture to plump up again. Revision Skincare Youthful Lip Replenisher is star at hydrating, nourishing and restoring natural color to the lips. Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm and HydroPure  Hyaluronic Lip Gloss both provide hydration, plus color for the lips.

Follow that up with an occlusive, such as beeswax, Vaseline, or oil. They attract even more environmental moisture into your skin and seal the serum onto your lips to ensure your lips stay soft, supple, and full all day.

Use a Targeted Lip Treatment

If you struggle with chronic chapping or have lips that show signs of aging, a specialized treatment can target your specific concerns while restoring nutrients, moisture, and hydration. 

A high-quality, medicated lip balm, such as Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm, is invaluable for protecting your lips from moisture loss, chapping, and flakes. The hypoallergenic formula includes 1% hydrocortisone to heal sun damage, windburn, and severe dehydration and helps them retain moisture with mild beeswax.

For aging pouts, Revision Skincare’s Youthfull Lip Replenisher™ restores youthful volume and contour while protecting your lips from environmental damage with a combination of hyaluronic acid and potent antioxidants. The rich, long-lasting formula locks in benefits while the cooling ceramic applicator soothes irritation as you apply. 

Swipe on a Plumping Gloss

Once your lips are healthy and hydrated, you can give them a short-term increase in volume with a dermatologist-approved plumper like Clinician’s Complex Lip Enhancer. The gloss contains niacin. This vitamin B derivative acts as a vasodilator, increasing circulation to your lips for enhanced color and fullness. 

It also provides long-term benefits thanks to the amino acid peptide chains, which stimulate collagen production with continued use. 

Kiss Your Thin, Dry Lips Goodbye

While these solutions aren’t as long-lasting or effective as a round of fillers by a board-certified dermatologist, they will give you a fuller, healthier pucker when used in tandem. 

You can find these lip treatments– and many more of our favorite skincare necessities– on the Advanced Skin Therapeutics online shop. If you’re interested in learning more about injectables, you can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Briden to discuss whether or not dermal fillers are the right choice for you.