You’ve probably seen advertisements or Instagram posts about a mini-fridge you can buy to keep your favorite skincare products chilled. If we’re to trust these posts, this mini-fridge will create a brisk, refreshing skincare routine and help preserve the life and effectiveness of your products. But is the hype actually right?

While true that some skincare products would benefit from a more permanent home next to the eggs and milk, not everything will fare better in frigid temperatures. Here are our tips for storing your favorite cosmetics, creams, and serums:

Keep It Cool

Section off a special area in your fridge for anything that reduces puffiness, like under-eye creams. The cooler temperature feels great on your skin and can soothe inflammation. You can also stash your sunny day go-tos, like aloe vera gel, in the fridge to give you fast relief when your sunscreen routine is lacking. Products that contain retinol or vitamin C are perfect candidates to make their home among your condiments,  cooler temperatures may slow the breakdown of these ingredients, giving you more time to get down to the bottom of the jar without worrying whether or not it’s still working hard for your skin.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

For all of your cosmetics and skincare products, even those that are safe at room temperature, it’s recommended that you avoid direct sunlight. If your vanity is near a window, be sure that all of your beauty goods are tucked away into drawers before you head out for the day. Otherwise, the light and warmth from the sun will heat up your products and cause their active ingredients to deteriorate much faster. This rule is particularly important for your sunscreen. If not, you may be dealing with a surprisingly painful burn, despite your diligence in applying SPF. The heat can breakdown many of the protectants, leaving you at risk.

The Bathroom Isn’t Best

Your bathroom can heat up fast when you’re showering, but that shouldn’t be your only concern. Steam can gather on your products, condense back into water, and become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Any loose powders, scrubs, and makeup brushes should be kept somewhere a little less steamy. If you use makeup blending sponges, be sure to clean them often and give them plenty of time to dry. The unique texture makes them particularly good at trapping moisture.

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