Baby’s first summer is an exciting one! Long days spent outdoors, discovering the world, and having new experiences is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. Whether it’s stroller rides in the park or a visit to the beach, summer presents so many opportunities to enjoy and bond with your little one.

Of course, protecting your little one from the summer sun just goes along with the season. Baby skin is incredibly delicate, so additional precautions have to be taken. What makes it even more difficult is that your baby won’t be able to tell you when they’re getting burnt, and oftentimes, sunburns don’t appear until after you’re out of the sun. Keeping your newborn in the shade as much as possible is the best precaution.

Preventing sun damage will allow you to enjoy many more days in the sun, and keep your baby from dealing with the pain, itchiness and peeling that comes from sunburns. Plus, you’re helping your child establish good skincare habits from an early age. It’s a win-win all around!

While babies should never be exposed to direct sunlight long enough to get a sunburn, there are still steps you should take to protect them.

Check out these 5 tips for keeping baby safe!

Venture Out After Peak Hours

Keep your excursions to the early morning and late afternoon. The sun’s at its hottest and brightest from 10 am to 4 pm. Going out during that six-hour window will expose your little one to the hottest and harshest rays of the day. With an average sunset time of 8:00 in the summer, going out after 4:00 will still leave you plenty of daylight to create summer memories with baby.

Use a Newborn Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreens are recommended for children six months of age or older.  Use a product with an SPF of 30 or more anywhere there is exposed skin (face, back, top of the head, back of hands, and arms and legs). Because babies have extremely sensitive skin, physical sunscreens are less irritating. Look for products with zinc oxide and titanium oxide, like EltaMD Pure. It creates an additional barrier to protect and soothe.

Dress for Success

At all costs, you want to avoid making baby even hotter while they’re outside. When dressing, it’s important to use loose fitting, comfortable materials that aren’t going to trap heat closer to the skin. Protective covering includes long-sleeves, pants,  wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses.

Invest in a Covered Stroller

While it might seem like just common sense, a covered stroller goes a long way in protecting infants from the sun. If you stroller doesn’t currently have a cover, you can buy one separately and install it onto the stroller. Look for something lightweight and closely knit, following the same idea as clothing. That way, your little one can still feel the summer breeze without unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays.

Keep Baby Hydrated Inside and Out

Just like grownups, babies need plenty of moisture to keep their skin soft, supple, and protected. Using a baby-safe moisturizer offers an infusion of skin-nourishing hydration without fragrances or dyes that can irritate baby’s skin. Additionally, offer your little one their bottle more often than you would indoors. Babies get their water from formula and breast milk.

The most important tip for keeping baby safe is knowing their limits. If you’re overheated and uncomfortable, your baby certainly is. Keep an eye out for cues that it’s time to head indoors.