13 01, 2023

When Does Makeup Expire?


Is your makeup bag packed to the gills with lipstick tubes and cream blushes you can't bear to part with? You could expose your skin to a host of microorganisms that breed on past-expiry cosmetics products. What Are the Dangers of Using Expired Cosmetics? Once the active ingredients, preservatives, and [...]

When Does Makeup Expire?2023-01-11T15:18:29-06:00
6 01, 2023

Types of Acne Scars and Treatment Options


As if dealing with acne wasn't tricky enough, blemishes can leave behind little reminders that permanently change your skin's texture. When you develop a blemish, your pores become inflamed and may rupture, spewing out pigments and blood from the damaged cells into the skinmedia tissue. Once your body is done [...]

Types of Acne Scars and Treatment Options2023-01-09T01:37:10-06:00
30 12, 2022

3 Skin-Transforming Resolutions for 2023


For most people, the dawn of a new year is the perfect opportunity to adopt new, healthy habits. In 2023, commit to supporting your skin health by creating consistent routines centered around nourishing and protecting it from the inside out. Resolution #1: Don't Fall for Every Skincare Trend With the [...]

3 Skin-Transforming Resolutions for 20232022-12-29T15:11:09-06:00
23 12, 2022

Merry Christmas from ADCI & AST!


The holidays are here! We hope your 2022 has been prosperous, joyful, merry, and bright, and we look forward to continuing to serve as your skincare experts in 2023. All ADCI and AST locations will be closed Monday, December 26 for Christmas and Monday, December 2 to ring in the [...]

Merry Christmas from ADCI & AST!2022-12-20T07:23:10-06:00
16 12, 2022

Don’t Give Your Feet the Cold Shoulder This Winter


If there's one area of our skin that gets neglected during the winter, it's our feet. When they're constantly tucked into wool socks, boots, or slippers, it's easy to let cracked heels and dry skin go unnoticed until it's uncomfortably itchy. Even if you don't have time to stop by [...]

Don’t Give Your Feet the Cold Shoulder This Winter2022-12-15T16:01:12-06:00
9 12, 2022

Helping Your Hair Recover After Color Treatments


Last week, we explored what your hair goes through with different levels of color treatments, from temporary wash-out spray to permanent bleaching. While professional cosmetologists are well-trained at treating your hair while minimizing damage, that doesn't mean your hair doesn't need a little TLC to recover. We've put together a [...]

Helping Your Hair Recover After Color Treatments2022-12-09T09:23:26-06:00
2 12, 2022

Why Does Hair Dye Cause Damage?


Before box dyes were available on drug store shelves, ancient civilizations experimented with color-transforming tonics. The Egyptians favored henna, a plant extract from the mignonette tree, while the Celtic people opted for platinum by combing lime through their hair. From there, color options expanded to include an extensive repertoire of [...]

Why Does Hair Dye Cause Damage?2022-12-01T16:12:16-06:00
25 11, 2022

Give Your Skin a Pre-Holiday Pampering


As much fun as the season of giving can be, it can be a chaotic time of year that leaves you drained, thanks to all the merrymaking. Worst yet, there's hardly enough time between family gatherings and ugly sweater parties to change your outfit, much less indulge in skin treatments, [...]

Give Your Skin a Pre-Holiday Pampering2022-11-23T16:09:55-06:00
18 11, 2022

Could Niacinamide Be the Skin Restorative You’ve Been Searching For?


Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is one of the skincare industry's choice ingredients, featuring in a range of products from moisturizers to serums. Because niacinamide doesn't occur naturally in the body, we are responsible for introducing it into our system via diet, supplements, or skin topicals. Niacinamide's Skin-Rejuvenating Benefits [...]

Could Niacinamide Be the Skin Restorative You’ve Been Searching For?2022-11-18T15:06:06-06:00
11 11, 2022

Back to Nature: The 7 Best Botanicals for Winter Skincare


Natural skincare is all the rage, and for good reason! Right outside our front door is a rich biosphere of plants, herbs, spices, and roots that have been lauded for their healing powers since long before modern medicine. Today, skincare experts use these plant extracts in conjunction with contemporary science [...]

Back to Nature: The 7 Best Botanicals for Winter Skincare2022-11-09T11:33:12-06:00