20 12, 2019

Exfoliate and Cleanse with Salicylic Acid Skincare


If you're battling acne, you've probably tried every cream, ointment, and lotion available on drugstore shelves. Unfortunately, many of the products you've picked contain benzoyl peroxide. It's great for folks who deal with the occasional spots, but for those whose blemishes are a little too stubborn salicylic acid could be [...]

Exfoliate and Cleanse with Salicylic Acid Skincare2019-12-19T16:38:49-06:00
13 12, 2019

Reverse Sunspots and Hyperpigmentation with Hydroquinone


Freckles, liver spots, and sun spots, oh my! If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you're bound to deal with some hyperpigmentation. No matter what you call it, these unsightly splotches are nearly impossible to get rid of without chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. But, not all hope [...]

Reverse Sunspots and Hyperpigmentation with Hydroquinone2019-12-15T21:58:53-06:00
6 12, 2019

Get Lucious Lashes with Latisse and Revitalash


While long, dark lashes and carefully sculpted brows have always been a sign of feminine beauty, there's been a massive resurgence in beauty products that promise to give you the doe eyes you've always envied. It comes as no surprise, as lashes and brows are fashion accessories in themselves. Brows [...]

Get Lucious Lashes with Latisse and Revitalash2019-12-05T17:02:20-06:00
22 11, 2019

Mandelic Acid: Chemical Exfoliation without Irritation


Still searching for that "just right" AHA that's going to brighten your skin without irritating your delicate skin? Mandelic acid may be the answer for you. Like lactobionic acid, this almond-derived alpha hydroxy acid is perfect for people who want the results without the redness and inflammation. What Makes Mandelic [...]

Mandelic Acid: Chemical Exfoliation without Irritation2019-11-24T21:58:38-06:00
15 11, 2019

Lactobionic Acid


If you have sensitive skin, you understand the struggle to find products that are strong enough to be effective, yet gentle enough to avoid irritation. If you live with acne, dullness, or dryness, this can be particularly frustrating. Many skin products made for delicate complexions dilute the active ingredients, reducing [...]

Lactobionic Acid2019-11-15T12:14:54-06:00
8 11, 2019

Brighten Skin with Plant Extracts


When you're experiencing hyperpigmentation, it's because your body has produced too much melanin. It can happen for any number of reasons, from fluctuations in your hormones, acne scarring and sun exposure. If you're tired of layering on foundation and caking concealer to hide an uneven complexion, it's time to look [...]

Brighten Skin with Plant Extracts2019-11-08T11:15:19-06:00
1 11, 2019

Pep Up Your Complexion with Peptide Treatments


If it feels like you've tried every serum, supplement, and cream to help reverse the signs of aging, it can be frustrating when you're still not seeing results. Before you throw in the towel and succumb to the signs of aging, give polypeptides a try. Peptides have been shown to [...]

Pep Up Your Complexion with Peptide Treatments2019-11-01T11:08:01-05:00
25 10, 2019

Say “Bye Bye” to Bruises with These Natural Treatments


Bruises are an inevitable part of daily life. Whether it's caused by bumping into a table during a late night bathroom break or taking a ball to the shin at your little one's soccer practice, these unsightly purple contusions can be a cause for distress when you want to show [...]

Say “Bye Bye” to Bruises with These Natural Treatments2019-10-27T14:38:12-05:00
18 10, 2019

NeoGlucosamineĀ® is a Miracle for Dull, Uneven Skin


With age comes wisdom, along with a whole slew of new skin issues to contend with. Along with a loss of collagen and elastin, both of which help your skin maintain its youthful bounce, you also have to deal with a slowdown in cell regeneration. Every 30 days or so, [...]

NeoGlucosamineĀ® is a Miracle for Dull, Uneven Skin2019-10-17T16:28:58-05:00
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