They say that the eyes are windows to the soul, but they can reveal much more than that. As you age, your eyes are deeply affected by loss of collagen and dynamic wrinkling. This leads to two of the biggest complaints that patients have when they are seeking rejuvenation: crows feet and under eye bags.

Crows Feet

With a cute name like crows feet, it’s hard to believe that these small creases around your eyes can reveal your age and make you look tired. Crows feet are considered “dynamic wrinkles,” or wrinkles that have appeared due to years of movement in the area.

As you spend your years laughing, smiling, or squinting, you create small wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. As the years pass, these lines become more deeply ingrained into the skin. Loss of collagen as you get older can exacerbate the problem.

Collagen is responsible for that taut, plump skin and a healthy glow. This protein begins to breakdown as we age, making it easier for wrinkles to be visible. Combine the loss of collagen with years of facial movement, and you’re left with fine lines that add years to your skin.

How Botox Can Help

Botox works to safely paralyze the nerve endings that allow muscles to contract.  The areas where you receive the injection will relax the muscles, which will stop crows feet dead in their tracks. If the muscles lying beneath the skin can’t move, then the skin won’t wrinkle. That means that you can smile and laugh without worrying that your face is revealing your age.

It can also diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and near the brow bone. With proper treatment, you’ll never look “overdone.” Instead, you’ll have natural results that help you look as young as you feel!