The days are getting warmer, which means that it’s almost time to pull out your favorite wedges, flats, and flip flops. But, months spent in woolen socks and snow boots can leave your feet looking a little worse for the wear. It can also leave you questioning whether or not you should spend your springtime in sneakers, at least until you can squeeze in an appointment for a pedicure. With busy lives and hectic schedules, though, finding the time to sit at a nail salon for two hours can be almost impossible. 

Why Dry, Rough Feet Happen

The way your feet are designed makes them a prime candidate for the itching, cracking, and flaking associated with dry skin. First, your feet contain fewer natural oils than the rest of your skin. While these oils can be a point of frustration for folks who suffer from oily skin on their face, it is actually very useful in helping our bodies retain moisture that would otherwise be lost through the skin. 

Our feet also take a beating when it comes to helping us do everyday jobs. Walking and ill-fitting shoes cause our feet to rub which can damage skin, leading to irritation. Couple that with the fact that closed shoes trap heat and humidity, and you have a recipe for dry skin and cracked heels. 

Finally, our feet often get the short end of the stick when it comes to self-care beauty routines. While we’re always sure to apply moisturizers to our face, it’s far less likely that your feet get the same attention. All of these factors can be hard to fight against without the help of powerful products that rid dry skin and infuse a wave of much-needed moisture to prevent future damage. 

How Baby Foot Peels Work

Fortunately, even the toughest dry heels and flaking soles are no match for Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel. It’s a safe and effective way to get the results of a full soak, exfoliation, and callus removal all in one easy step that you can do at home. The impressive results you get when used properly has helped it reach cult status with beauty bloggers and folks who want to give their tootsies some TLC. 

Simply put, the Baby Foot products are chemical peels for your feet. Like the treatments we use to reveal more beautiful, radiant skin on our faces, it helps exfoliate away dead, dried skin cells on our feet. Alpha hydroxy acids, like lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid come together to penetrate through the toughest top layer of skin that would normally require extensive soaking and filing to remove. They break up the dead cells, helping along the skin shedding process that our bodies do naturally. 

Using Baby Foot is much simpler and more convenient than trekking out to visit the local nail salon. Each package comes with two “booties” coated in a thick gel that helps hold the chemicals in place during the exfoliation process. Simply slip the booties on, slide a pair of socks on over them, and set a timer for an hour. For best results, soak feet before using the booties. This will aid in softening the skin for maximizing benefits of Baby Foot.

When time’s up, simply rinse your feet thoroughly with warm water and wait. While individual results will vary depending on how severely dry the skin is, most customers notice peeling within 3-7 days. Avoid peeling the dead skin on your own as this can lead to damaging the fresh skin being revealed. For others, it can take up to two weeks. Baby Foot recommends soaking your feet daily, but avoiding the use of oil-based lotions, as this can interfere with the peeling process. 

If your feet aren’t quite ready for strappy sandals and casual clogs, visit us at AST. We can help you find the perfect product to banish dry, cracking feet from the cold, boot-trodden days of winter, or address any other skincare woes that you may have!