Stubborn dark spots are the frustrating result of excess melanin in the skin, typically caused by sun damage, changes in hormone levels, age, skin trauma, scarring, and certain medical conditions. 

While it isn’t medically necessary to fade discoloration, it is a cosmetic issue that can affect how you feel about your skin. With the right combination of high-quality skincare products, though, you can reduce hyperpigmentation and create the even-colored complexion you’ve been dreaming of.┬á

Neostrata® Skin Brightener with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35

The first step for improving skin brightness is prevention. Neostrata® Skin Brightener with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 blocks out damaging UVA and UVB rays that contribute to the signs of aging and lead to hyperpigmentation. 

Along with sun protectants, this product also provides a dose of B-Resorcinol, a highly-praised melanin inhibitor that actively reduces the amount of pigment produced by your skin cells.

Advanced Skin Therapeutics Advanced Brightening Pads

Our house formula┬áAdvanced Brightening Pads┬áuses the power of 2% hydroquinone. It’s one of the most effective skincare ingredients in skin lightening, working to target melanocytes and reduce the amount of pigment they produce.┬á

Kojic acid, arbutin, bearberry, and an antioxidant blend improve overall brightness, reduce redness, and revitalize dull, tired complexions. 

Neostrata® Ultra Brightening Cleanser

Wash away your dark spots with Neostrata® Ultra Brightening Cleanser, a luxuriously creamy daily face wash with NeoGlucosamine® amino sugars for gentle exfoliation and pore purification. 

The secret to its brightening powers lies in the botanical-packed ingredient list, which includes mallow, peppermint, lemon balm, and cowslip, all of which can help clarify discoloration and improve tone. 

Neostrata® Brightening Eye Cream

Do you struggle with under-eye darkness that sticks around even after a good night’s sleep?

┬áNeostrata┬« Brightening Eye Cream┬áconsists of a brightening blend of peptides, algae extracts, peptides, and anti-aging gluconolactone that’s powerful enough to reduce pigmentation without irritating the delicate eye area.┬á

Bionic hydroxy acid, a potent humectant, takes it further by plumping the natural under-eye cushion. Better yet, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin!

Neostrata® Pigment Controller

Retinol, NeoGlucosamine®, and vitamin C come together in perfect harmony in Neostrata® Pigment Controller.

By increasing the rate of cell turnover, this combination of actives makes regeneration more efficient by helping you shed hyperpigmented skin cells faster. 

Antioxidant vitamin E protects against further free radical and UV light damage and, when used with a daily SPF, can keep dark spots under control. 

Neostrata® Illuminating Serum

Neostrata® Illuminating Serum rejuvenates tired complexions and corrects dark spots at their source with 12 brighteners that include NeoGlucosamine®, licorice extract, and antioxidant vitamin C. 

By penetrating deeply into the layers of your skin, this serum breaks apart existing melanistic areas and discourages further formation by targeting tyrosinase, an enzyme that catalyzes pigment production. 

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try Enlighten!

As summer winds down, you might notice that all that fun in the sun has led to unwanted freckles, dehydrated skin, and the sudden appearance of dark spots.

Don’t let hyperpigmentation follow you into the fall. You can turn back the hands of time with the Neostrata┬« Enlighten skincare line.

Through┬áAugust, you’ll receive a complimentary Skin Brightener SPF 35 with the purchase of Ultra Brightening Cleanser, Illuminating Serum, and Pigment Controller.┬á

Stop by  to discuss your specific needs with our skincare experts, or save time by ordering online.