Your skin is a true wonder, covering more than 22 square feet and containing upwards of 300 million skin cells! It works day and night to protect you, keeping your body happy, healthy, and well-suited to your environment. With such an important job to do, it’s critical that we show our body’s largest organ the TLC it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Sometimes, though, even the gentlest care isn’t enough to keep reactive skin under control. With CLn® Skincare, now available at Advanced Skin Therapeutics, you can soothe and treat even the most challenging skin concerns, from eczema to infections.

Powerful and Gentle

The CLn® line of products contains the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite, which has been shown to be a powerful, yet gentle, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Every time you cleanse your skin with CLn®, you are washing away allergens and bacteria that could compromise your health, while also promoting the integrity of your skin barrier. That means that even compromised skin can heal more easily and work against further complications.

After the flagship release of patented CLn® BodyWash, a team of medical professionals worked to create a head-to-toe line of products that work as a first line of defense against skin conditions, while remaining affordable and easy-to-use.

Therapeutic Products for Prevention and Healing

Each CLn® product is specially formulated to tackle your toughest skin conditions. The line of products includes a comprehensive range of washes and shampoos designed to nurture your skin’s natural protective barrier, while providing therapeutic cleansing.

For skin hygiene, Hand & Foot Wash and BodyWash are designed for daily usage for those prone to irritation and infection. That makes it the ideal cleanser for those who are facing hospital stays, community living, and medical treatments. It’s also ideal for medical workers who want to prevent the spread of microbes to their families and communities. The Body and Sport wash are ideal for active patients that develop folliculitis from sweating.

People prone to rashes or eczema require additional protection from redness, itching, burning, crusting, dryness, and cracking. CLn’s® Facial Cleanser, Gentle Shampoo, and BodyWash work to heal these conditions and rebuild your skin’s barrier to reduce flare-ups.

Acne can be difficult to treat, especially when the products you use don’t contain antibacterial ingredients to help combat the root cause of pimples. Facial Cleanser, Acne Cleanser, and Facial Moisturizer combat bacterial overgrowth, reducing breakouts and keeping your skin blemish free.

Often, we forget that our scalp needs the same care we show the rest of our skin. Show it special attention with therapeutic Shampoo and Gentle Shampoo, both designed to cleanse oily to normal hair and dry, sensitive scalps prone to itching, flaking, or bumps caused by folliculitis, dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, shaving, and hair removal.

Want to learn more about the whole range of CLn® products and the power of sodium hypochlorite? Start with a visit to Advanced Skin Therapeutics. Speak with one of our skincare professionals about whether these products are right for you, and how you can show your skin the love it needs to combat your most frustrating skin concerns.