Summer is winding down, and your skin is bearing the consequences of too much fun in the sun. If you’ve slacked on the sunscreen, you might be noticing some major discoloration and uneven tones of your skin. What can be done to reverse this damage? A great place to start is with the GentleWaves Photomodulation.

What is GentleWaves?

GentleWaves is a treatment called “photomodulation,” which literally means “light control” to target your damaged skin with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. These LEDs are used in a specific sequence and frequency of pulses to stimulate damaged cells to repair themselves and stop inflammation.  It encourages damaged cells to “act” like younger cells, producing more of the proteins necessary for firm, healthy skin.  Photomodulation can decrease inflammation in the skin resulting from sun exposure and pollution.

What are the Benefits of GentleWaves?

This treatment causes no damage to your skin. Unlike other light treatments, which often rely on thermal damage to encourage new cell production, GentleWaves provides a special light wavelength and duration to stimulate cells to repair themselves much like sunlight causes photosynthesis in plants.  It works with your body’s natural response to light to encourage increased protein production of existing cells.

What Can GentleWaves Do?

This treatment type is appropriate for a range of skin conditions, from head to toe! Some options include:

  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Sunburn
  • Dull skin
  • Damaged skin

It can also be used to reduce the healing time associated with other light treatments. Receiving GentleWaves treatment following almost any kind of skin damage, especially that associated with light and thermal damage, can reduce the healing time and coax your skin back to its healthy, youthful tone. It can even reduce the time that it takes your skin to heal from a sunburn!

GentleWaves is a safe, delicate treatment for your skin concerns. While almost everyone is a great candidate, it’s still best to speak with your licensed skin care professional before using this system. They can help you discover a therapy plan that will give you the most benefits for your budget.