There’s no denying that beautiful, bold brows are on-trend. There’s a mega-market for keeping your eyebrows well-kept.  It can feel overwhelming if you struggle with brows that have drooped with age. Eyebrow lifts rejuvenate and renew the skin above the eyes, correcting issues like heavy brows and lending a more youthful contour to the face.

Why Eyebrow Lifts?

As our skin ages, it loses its elasticity. What was once a taut, smooth brow line can start to furrow and droop. As anyone who’s familiar with body language knows, a furrowed brow can indicate anger, worry, tiredness, and even fear. Correcting the problem can create a more approachable and genuine visage that reflects your true confidence. Stop worrying about looking worried!

Surgical Options

Traditionally, eyebrow lifts are done as a surgical procedure. Surgeons inject a local anesthetic, then a long incision is made along the hairline. The skin above the brow is undermined to access the forehead and pulled tight, elevating the eyebrows.

Obviously, this type of invasive surgery comes with some risk and a long recovery. The initial wound can take upwards of two weeks to heal, but swelling and bruising can last up to six weeks. Some patients have reported excessive scarring and hair loss in the area of the incision. There has to be a better way!

Natural Results Without the Knife

That’s where Botox comes in. The process only takes about 10 minutes, during which your doctor will make well-placed injections in the forehead area. Recovery is minimal, the worst of which may be some minor bruising at the injection site.  Full results are generally visible within a few days to two weeks. 

A Botox eyebrow lift can create results that are remarkably similar to that of a surgical brow-lift, without the inherent risk that comes with surgery.  Botox strategically placed can inhibit the depressor muscles, (procerus and lateral orbicularis) from contracting and pulling the brow downward.  A 1-2 mm elevation of the eyelids and eyebrows can be achieved with Botox, opening up the eyes.  You’ll also see the added benefit of light wrinkles and crow’s feet smoothing out, adding to a more youthful appearance.  Strategic placement of the Botox is the key, as incorrect placement  can lead to further drooping or flattening of the eyebrows.  Only have Botox performed by a highly trained medical professional such as your dermatologist  to avoid these complications.

It’s the perfect time to embrace a whole new you! As summer winds down, you may mind that your skin has taken a beating. UV rays, heat, wind, salt, and sand can contribute to the aging of your skin. Working with a licensed dermatologist to correct these issues can help you get off on the right foot as autumn approaches.