Dermaplaning is a fast, easy, and safe way to reveal a more radiant complexion that has been taking the skincare world by storm. Of course, like any trend in health and beauty, it’s hard to know what is being used to make a quick buck and what actually works. This procedure, which involves gently scraping off the top surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel, is dermatologist-approved and completely painless… as long as it’s done by a professional. 

Let’s explore 5 of the key benefits that professional dermaplaning can offer your skin:

Removes Peach Fuzz That Traps Dirt and Oil

The small, nearly invisible “peach fuzz” that many of us have on our bodies is called vellus hair. While it’s perfectly normal, these ultra-fine fuzzies tend to trap pore-clogging dirt and oil close to the skin, even when you wash twice a day. Dermaplaning allows your daily skincare routine to work better by facilitating more effective removal of cosmetics, pollutants, and other unwanted materials. 

Look More Youthful, With or Without Makeup

Besides removing vellus hair, dermaplaning stimulates new skin cell growth, giving you a refreshed, glowing canvas for your favorite cosmetics. Whether you decide to apply foundation or not, you’re sure to notice a more youthful complexion. Light refracts easily off smooth surfaces, which allows your cosmetics to look flawless. New cell growth improves skin appearance for the days you decide to go bare-faced. 

Excellent Exfoliation of Dead Skin Cells

When we exfoliate, we are working to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oils that clog our pores, causing a dull complexion and breakouts. Dermaplaning acts as a physical exfoliant, removing layers of debris that can irritate and exacerbate acne-prone skin. 

Allows for Deeper Product Penetration

Clearing out your pores also means that the skincare products you love aren’t going to waste by sitting on the surface of your skin. Dermaplaning clears the way for deeper product penetration, giving your favorite serums and moisturizers the ability to sink into layers of skin that the vellus hair and debris were previously blocking. 

Instant Results with Zero Downtime

Unlike chemical peels, fillers, or more intense microneedling, dermaplaning is a surface level procedure with no chemicals required. That means that you can get back to your everyday routine as soon as you step out of your dermatologist’s office. While some redness and skin sensitivity may occur, dermaplaning requires no more aftercare than a normal facial or waxing appointment. 

Want to give dermaplaning a try? While the procedure can be performed on its own, we recommend it as an add-on to a HydrafacialMD or chemical peel for a total package treatment that will leave your skin feeling fresh, renewed, and silky smooth. Call ADCI to schedule your appointment!