Imagine a life free of acne scars. Would your routines change? Your makeup regimen? Your self-esteem? Acne scars on your face can take a serious toll on your confidence. Attempts to cover up mean costly trips to the makeup counter, trying to find full-coverage foundations and concealers that hide the blemishes. For men, the effects can be even more damaging without the benefits of makeup. For those seeking relief, laser acne scar removal cost can be well-worth its weight in gold.

Types of Acne Scars

Acne scars typically come in one of five varieties. The kind of scars that you experience depends on the way that your skin reacts to the blemishes and heals following inflammation.

Icepick scars appear as tiny pinpricks on the skin. These occur when the bacteria destroys the collagen contained under the skin, causing the upper layers of skin to collapse inward. The laser acne scar cost of treatment may not be worth it if you’re dealing with icepick scars. It may be a better option to have the scars surgically removed.

Keloid scars are raised, discolored bumps that form when your skin tries to heal from cystic acne. Your body produces too many dermal cells to repair the area. Keloid scars react well to intralesional cortisone injection and to topical scar gels.

Like an icepick scar, boxcar scars are indentations in the skin with sharp edges. They almost look like a square hole. When cystic acne destroys the fat under the area of the blemish, the upper layers of skin fall in.  A combination of laser as well as dermal fillers are an excellent treatment for this type of acne scar.

Hyper-pigmentation is the darkening of skin after a blemish has healed. Over time, the pigmented areas fade, however that can take 6 to 9 months. Laser treatments are perfect for this type of scar, as they destroy the discolored layers of skin and allow new, flawless layers to grow in their place.  Chemical peels, AHA products and some laser treatments can help speed the fading process.

Finally, rolling scars give your skin a wavy texture, almost like wrinkles. Laser treatments resurface and chemical peels along with AHA products stimulate new skin to grow.

Is laser acne scar removal cost worth it? That’s for you to decide. Total cost depends on many factors, including the number of treatments needed, the type of laser treatment used, and the severity of the scarring. The best way to decide your next action is to speak with a skin care expert at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute.