Are you tired of the daily struggle with falsies, mascara, and lash extensions? Do you dream of having skyscraper-length lashes like a classic Hollywood bombshell?

Even if you’ve lived with short, brittle, or thin lashes and brows your whole life, it’s not too late to achieve the ultimate doe-eyed look with the help of Latisse, Revitalash, and Revitabrow. While the products use different combinations of active ingredients, all three can dramatically improve the overall health of your lashes and brows. 

If you’ve considered trying out an eyelash or eyebrow growth treatment but weren’t sure the difference between products, read on for a quick overview of three of the most popular growth products available!

Latisse: Prescription-Strength Lash Growth Serum

Developed by Allergan Aesthetics– the globally renowned company behind Botox, Kybella, Juvederm, and other celebrated medical aesthetics technologies– Latisse is the first prescription-strength, FDA-approved treatment for helping grow more beautiful lashes that are longer, thicker and darker.

The active ingredient is bimatoprost, a lipid-based glaucoma medication that was discovered to have a miraculous effect on patients’ lashes. 

Latisse’s effectiveness comes from its ability to lengthen the hair growth period and increase the number of individual lashes. In a typical hair growth cycle, lashes become weak, brittle, and dry as they prepare to fall out to make way for new ones.

 The older lashes last far longer with this serum, even as new hairs grow in, giving you an enviably lush lash line. 

While it’s only available with a prescription, Latisse provides genuinely remarkable results in as little as one month, with full results showing in 12-16 weeks. 

Revitalash: Over-the-Counter Solution to Strengthen Lashes

Revitalash combines the best of serums and conditioners into one product, which helps to stimulate lash growth while strengthening existing hairs against breakage. 

The formula contains biotin, long known to aid in hair health, along with lipids to lock in moisture, antioxidant green tea extract to protect against fall out, and peptides to plump the individual lashes. 

These ingredients provide crucial nutrients into the hair follicles along your eyelid, encouraging longer, stronger lashes with a noticeably youthful curl. 

Because it contains a lower concentration of hair stimulants, Revitalash a prescription is not necessary.

Revitabrow: Revitalize Thinning Brows

After the pencil-thin brow look popular in the 90s and early 2000s, it might come as a surprise to see the tables turn in favor of thick, full eyebrows. Revitabrow helps strengthen and rejuvenate hairs with a proprietary, award-winning blend of potent peptides, biotin, green tea extract, and lipids.

Revitabrow works by deeply conditioning your eyebrow hairs, protecting them from brittleness and breakage. You’ll see dramatic results in your brows’ health, shine, and growth potential with continued use. 

Clients love the doe-foot tip and no-drip formula, making it a simple, mess-free addition to your daily beauty routine. 

Which Should You Choose?

Whether you decide to try Latisse, Revitalash, or Revitabrow, take the time to chat with your dermatologist or consultant at Advanced skin Therapeutics about their recommendations for treatment. In most cases, all three products are safe for regular use, but a skincare expert may be able to provide some additional insight with your particular skin, hair, and nail concerns in mind.

To learn more about hair growth treatment options, schedule an appointment with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Briden, Melissa Waterman, PA-C, Denise Barnhardt, PA-C or stop by AST. They’ll gladly walk you through treatment options available through ADCI and AST.