Sundresses, shorts, and swimsuits… Warmer weather means that shorter hemlines are singing their siren call.

The bad news is that months bundled up in layers can make our limbs look a little worse for the wear. Between the regularly scheduled winter breakup with our razors and hydration-sucking dry air, your legs may have you hesitating to pull out your favorite sunny day outfits.

The good news is that Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Institute has a range of products and services to give your hardworking gams the pampering they deserve! Our skincare experts can help you achieve silky smooth, sun-kissed legs that are moisture-drenched and ready for whatever summer throws your way. 

Hydrate and Heal

Cold, dry weather can sap every bit of hydration out of your skin, leaving your legs with flakes and an uneven texture. Start with an extra-strength moisturizer to renew your dewy glow. 

Obagi’s™ Keraphine Body Smoothing Lotion will correct even the most stubborn dry, bumpy skin by exfoliating dead surface cells and encouraging the production of newer, healthy ones. Then, follow up with CeraVe’s® Moisturizing Cream to help your legs attract, hold, and distribute moisture. This rich lotion penetrates deeply to restore the balance of lipids that form your protective skin barrier. 

Take Care of Stubborn Hair

Shaving is no one’s favorite summer activity, but waxing is painful, and electric epilators can leave a lot to be desired. What’s a girl to do?

Reclaim your legs from the clutches of the dreaded winter coat with Cynosure Vectus. This highly effective laser hair removal system targets and destroys hair cells without causing any damage to the skin. You can permanently reduce unwanted hair with treatments customized to your specific needs for long-lasting, leg-enhancing results. 

Get a Sun-Kissed Glow without a Tanning Bed

Pasty, pale skin might have you longing for a lounge in a tanning bed, but it’s not worth risking your health to get a beautiful bronze glow. 

Instead, try out a St. Tropez self-tanning mousse or lotion to achieve a luscious, all-over tan with the added benefit of conditioning aloe vera. For long-lasting color, Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse offers a natural-looking, streak-free tan that dries in an instant. Gradual Tan In Shower will create a healthy glow and boost skin hydration with Sweet Almond Oil if you prefer more subtle results.  

Say “Bye-Bye” to Stubborn Cellulite

Once you’ve hydrated, smoothed, and tanned your skin, it’s time to tackle the cellulite.

Skin dimpling is entirely natural. In fact, 80-90% of women are affected, which means that even the fittest folks out there have puckered patches of fatty tissue that poke through the bands connecting skin to muscle. It’s most common in areas that tend to accumulate a little extra weight, like the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. 

Toning the muscles can help reduce cellulite, but in the meantime, non-invasive Cynosure SculpSure can provide results in as little as six weeks. Using targeted laser energy, SculpSure works to contour and tone the body by destroying up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area. When the fat cells are reduced, so are the pockets of fatty tissue that cause cellulite!

The end result is beautifully sculpted legs that will look stunning in any summer ensemble you have tucked away for sunny days.