If you’re up-to-date on the latest in skincare developments, you may have noticed the increasing buzz about ceramides. Despite already being an essential ingredient in many of your favorite products, they’ve recently gained more attention because of their impressive track record in renewing, protecting, and nurturing your skin. In fact, CeraVe has used ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II in their line of skincare products since 2006! We’ll give you the rundown on what ceramides are, how they work, and what you can do to prevent ceramide loss.

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids, or fat molecules, that our body produces naturally. In fact, our skin is composed of up to 50% ceramides! These lipids fill in all of the gaps between your skin cells, like mortar in between bricks. This creates a protective layer that keeps the skin soft, supple, and moisturized, while protecting from environmental damage. When your skin is lacking ceramides, which happens naturally as we age, the surface is not protected from external hazards. This allows microorganisms and irritants into your deeper layers of your dermis, which can cause dryness, uneven texture, wrinkles, redness, and irritation. Ceramides also play a pivotal role in moisture retention, which means that when there’s not enough of them, your skin is going to look and feel dehydrated.

How They Help Your Skin

While true that ceramides provide countless aesthetic benefits, like keeping your skin smooth, soft, and supple, they are also a necessary component of keeping your skin healthy. By replenishing your skin daily with ceramides, you are keeping your protective barrier strong. In turn, your skin will be better moisturized and better able to fend off environmental factors that can cause damage, like dry air and pollutants. Additionally, recent studies have shown that a lack of ceramides could be a major factor behind inflammatory skin conditions, like eczema.

Preventing Ceramide Loss

As early as the age of 20, our body begins to produce less ceramides, at a loss of around 1% per year. But natural loss is not the only means of depletion. Because ceramides are a lipid, any product or environment that strips the skin of oils will also cause a loss in ceramides. That includes over-exfoliating, exposure to dry, cold air, or using soaps that aren’t meant for delicate facial skin. Finally, your diet can play a factor. Your body needs healthy fats to replenish lipid levels. When you lack oils in your diet, your skin can suffer.

Luckily, there are plenty of products that can help your skin by replenishing lost ceramides. At Advanced Skin Therapeutics, we carry a range of skincare that contain these skin-loving lipids. EltaMD’s Moisturizing Body Cream and So Silky Hand Cream are wonderful ceramide containing products for your body care. CeraVe can help from head to toe with Facial Lotion SPF 30, Facial PM Lotion, Renewing SA Lotion, SA Cream for Rough and Bumpy Skin, Foaming Cleanser, and Make Up Remover Cloths all available in-store or online from AST!