Nature provides some of the most potent skincare ingredients available on the market. With a rising concern for the long-lasting side effects of products we use on our bodies and in our homes, many are seeking natural skincare solutions.

Skincare experts have long sung the praises of vitamin E. In addition to being an essential nutrient, it also works as an anti-oxidant, helping users fight the signs of aging caused by free radicals. It helps preserve the life of your cells, and some studies have even linked this fat-soluble antioxidant to the prevention of some life-threatening illnesses, such as coronary heart disease and cancer.

What is Vitamin E?

When talking about the vitamin E you find in skincare products, the foods you eat, and health supplements, you’re actually talking about one specific form, called alpha-tocopherol.

Many people get their recommended dose of vitamin E from their daily diet. Canola oil, leafy greens, almonds, peanuts, meats, and dairy products are rich in the nutrient, helping the body fight free-radicals from the inside out.

Vitamin E is fat soluble, which means that your body is able to store excess amounts and save it for later.

The Benefits of Vitamin E Skincare


Much of the vitamin E you use in your skincare routine comes in the form of an oil. This oil provides a blast of hydration to your skin and creates a thin barrier against outside pollutants.

AST Gentle Cleanser

Advanced Skin Therapeutics Gentle Cleanser combines vitamin E with green tea to pack a powerful double dose of antioxidants to help strengthen your skin. Applying a moisturizer after your cleansing routine can further your skin’s ability to maintain its protective barrier and fight the signs of aging.

NeoStrata Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream PHA 10

NeoStrata’s Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream PHA 10 combines 10% gluconolactone with vitamin E to deliver a gentle  exfoliant and moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types.

Obagi Hydrate is designed for all skin types. Hydrate provides 8-hour moisturizing protection with innovative technology and natural ingredients, including vitamin E, shea butter, mango butter, and avocado to help combat skin dryness.

Obagi Hydrate

A finishing touch to nourishing skincare is to use clean make up products.  jane iredale uses “good for your skin” botanical ingredients including vitamin E.  An antioxidant and natural preservative, vitamin E in cosmetics works to moisturize and strengthen the skins natural barrier.

Preventing and Treating Sunburn

Along with proper sun protection, a moisturizing regimen that contains vitamin E can help your skin bounce back quickly from minor sun damage. Skin that is healthy and properly moisturized is less likely to burn as quickly or as severely as dehydrated skin.

While most people know the importance of using proper sunburn prevention measures, like applying SPF and wearing protective clothing, accidents can happen. Applying a moisturizer that contains vitamin E can help your skin bounce back after a little too long in the sun, and help relieve the itching that comes from flaky, peeling skin.

While vitamin E is typically suitable for all skin types, it can still be an allergen. Talk with your dermatologist before introducing new products into your skincare routine.