With age comes wisdom, along with a whole slew of new skin issues to contend with.

Along with a loss of collagen and elastin, both of which help your skin maintain its youthful bounce, you also have to deal with a slowdown in cell regeneration.

Every 30 days or so, the top layer of your skin is completely renewed with fresh cells. As we age, though, our skins’ ability to push these old cells out and produce new ones slows down. This can mask our naturally rosy complexion, leaving our skin looking tired and dull.

Lack of hydration and the effects of damaging pollutants only make matters worse.

NeoGlucosamine®: Resurface, Refresh, Renew

If you’re searching for a skincare solution that brightens, evens, and firms the skin, look no further than NeoGlucosamine®. This wonder of the beauty world packs a skin-brightening and plumping punch, while still being gentle enough for everyday use.

This amino sugar, sometimes called N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), is one of the main building blocks of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in the dermal matrix. NAG has been shown to increase hyaluronic acid production in the dermis, resulting in plumping and firming of the skin. When used in your skincare routine, NeoGlucosamine® also acts as a gentle exfoliant, scrubbing away the dead cells that are hiding your youthful glow.

Products that contain NAG also help reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve acne and hydrate your skin for a more brilliant complexion.

NeoStrata for Clarity, Firmness, and More Beautiful Skin

If you’re in the market for radiant skin, NeoStrata is a great place to start. Many of their products contain skin-illuminating NeoGlucosamine® and can be easily implemented into your everyday routine.

Ultra Brightening Cleanser is a creamy wash formulated to stimulate cell renewal and gently cleanse. Along with NeoGlucosamine®, it’s packed with clarifying ingredients like mallow, peppermint, lemon balm, and cowslip. It brightens and tones, leaving you skin clean and refreshed.

Once your skin is squeaky clean, NeoStrata’s Dermal Replenishment goes to work reversing dehydration and the signs of aging. Patented Aminofil combines with NAG, maltobionic acid, and Prodew amino to help your skin bounce back from moisture loss, lines, wrinkles, and free radical damage.

Both of these NeoStrata products, along with many other dermatologist-preferred skincare products, can be discovered at Advanced Skin Therapeutics. Drop in for expert help in choosing your best path towards healthy, beautiful skin or schedule an appointment for a skin consultation with Dr. Briden.