Whether it’s washing dishes, lifting weights, or tapping away at a keyword, our hands just might be the hardest working part of our body. With all of that responsibility, it’s no wonder that they’re often one of the first areas to shows signs of aging. Pampering your “paws” with healing hand treatments as part of your regular skin routine can help you turn back the clock on crepey skin, fine lines, and discoloration.

Prevention First, Treatment Second

Before you invest in an intensive hand treatment, it’s important to think of everything you put your mitts through on a daily basis. Your hands can take a beating without you even realizing it.

Do you garden without gloves? Your hands are being exposed to UV rays that are just as damaging as they are to your face. Clean up with harsh chemicals? Many cleaning products dry out your skin, leaving your hands more susceptible to damage. Even washing your hands with hot water or drying them too roughly can cause itchy, raw skin that accelerates aging.

The first step to healing your hands is to be considerate of what you’re exposing them to. Wear gloves, wash gently, and use a heavy duty moisturizer in between more intense treatments.

Building Hand Treatments into Your Skincare Routine

The best way to help your hands recover from signs of aging is to build a habit of regularly showing them some TLC. Implementing easy-to-use products into your everyday routine can increase your skin’s defense barrier and heal damage that has already occurred.

One of our favorite products is Meg 21 Age Defying Top of Hand Treatment. It’s perfect for the tops of your hands, which are particularly susceptible to revealing your years. This powerful, yet gentle, product delivers SupplamineĀ®, and antioxidants into your skin to hydrate and renew rough, dull skin, while minimizing the appearance of dark spots.

At Advanced Skin Therapeutics, you can also find the revolutionary EltaMDĀ® So Silky Hand Creme. Plant-derived sclareolide helps improve discoloration, while powerful ceramides, emollients, and vitamin E nourishes and revives your hands. It’s also clinically proven to moisturize for up to 12 hours, making it a maintenance part of your skincare routine.

Winters can be particularly hard on your skin, as the combination of dry air and bitter cold drain moisture. Worse yet, harsh winds can leave your hands cracked and bleeding. For dry, chapped hands, AST’s Intensive Hand Cream soothes and hydrates, locking in moisture without leaving your hands greasy.

For those who prefer hand treatments that do double duty, jane iredaleĀ® HandDrink Hand Cream is a skin-quenching formula with SPF 15 broad spectrum sunscreen. It protects, moisturizes, and replenishes skin with white and green tea extracts, Apple Extract, and delightfully-scented Lemongrass Oils. It’s even been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective broad spectrum sunscreen.

Our hands do most of the heavy lifting… Isn’t it time we give them some love in return?

Schedule a consultation to learn more about these exciting products, along with other skin-nourishing treatments that we offer at Advanced Skin Therapeutics. We can help you discover the anti-aging treatments that will revitalize your youthful glow and keep your skin healthy for years to come.