At Advanced Skin Therapeutics, we believe that beauty begins with the right tools. That’s why we proudly carry award-winning Tweezerman personal hygiene tools. Designed with convenience, safety, and precision in mind, they are ideal for at-home nail and hair care that keeps skin health in mind.

Slant Tweezer

Does tweezing feel like a chore? With the Slant Tweezer, you can get a precision grip on each hair, making quick work of personal grooming. The tips are hand-filed, setting an industry standard for quality.

We carry several different colors designed to match your personal style, including:

Pro Curl Lash Curler

Custom made for your eyes, the LASH LOGIC series of curlers have tailored radiuses that are skillfully curved for diverse eye shapes, so no lash goes uncurled, ergonomic design and available in round and almond eyes.

Tweezermate 10X Lighted Mirror

Easily conquer your morning routine even when you’re on-the-go with a Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror, designed to provide optimum clarity. The built-in light provides ideal conditions for makeup application and hair removal.

Pair it with a Mini Nail Rescue Kit to round out your travel toiletry bag.

Squeeze and Snip Nipper

When your busy schedule leaves little time for pampering at the salon, the Squeeze and Snip Nipper is an ergonomic option for nabbing stubborn cuticles. The ultra-thin handle provides outstanding control.

Skincare Tool

Occasional blemishes are no match for Tweezerman’s dual-sided Skin Care Tool. One side features a thin, angled loop to gently roll out whiteheads and another side for pressing out stubborn blackheads. It’s constructed from stainless steel for simple sterilization after use.

Facial Hair Scissors

Keep ear, nose, whisker, beard, and brow hair trimmed with Facial Hair Scissors. The rounded tip curves away from the skin, allowing for no-nick, meticulous grooming.

Precision Grip Toenail Clipper

One of the best ways to prevent painful in-grown toenails is proper nail care. The ultra-sharp straight blades and no-slip grip of the Precision Grip Toenail Clipper makes maintaining nail health a simple task. When you’re done trimming, slide open the mess-free case to empty the clippings. Should you suffer an in-grown toenail, the Ingrown Toenail File is specially designed to relieve the pressure and pain.

Callus Shaver and Rasp

Tweezerman’s Callus Shaver and Rasp, an at-home pedicure essential, removes calluses and smooths rough, dry feet.

Antibacterial Callus Stone

The waterproof, silver-infused ceramic stone smooths the sole, ball and heel of your feet.

Caring for Personal Grooming Tools

Sterilizing your tools is crucial to prevent potential infections and bacteria build-up, especially if you are currently living with athlete’s foot, acne, and other spreadable skin conditions. Neglecting to do so can make the problem worse, as the next time you use your tools, you are reintroducing microbes to your skin’s biome.

Keep your skin safe by using high quality tools and following a simple cleanup routine after use:

  1.  Wash the tool with antibacterial soap and warm water.
  2. Using an alcohol wipe or a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol, carefully scrub the tips or edges of your tool. Be especially cautious around honed edges to prevent cuts.
  3. Allow any sanitized implements to dry completely on a clean towel. Once dry, store in a storage case or plastic container to prevent introduction of microbes through contact with other surfaces.