CLn SportWash



CLn SportWash is physician-designed for the challenges skin encounters in gyms, through contact sports, and during extended periods of exertion. It removes dirt, grime, oil, and soothes skin irritation.  Head-to-toe cleansing for those prone to back acne, razor bumps, folliculitis, ringworm, staph, jock itch, and body or foot odor.

Staying healthy means working your heart and your muscles, but skin—the body’s largest organ—should not be overlooked. Activities in gyms, training facilities and physically demanding workplaces can chaff and irritate skin. Such environments are also teeming with microbes, like bacteria and fungi, that are easily passed through physical contact or contaminated surfaces. Compromised skin is more susceptible to infection, and requires effective cleansing. CLn SportWash is an innovative, concentrated formula designed to effectively cleanse skin at risk for infection.

12 fl. oz.

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