SA Lotion

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Ideal for the body * Exfoliates, softens, & smoothes extremely dry, rough, bumpy skin * Patented, controlled-release MVEΠtechnology * With salicylic acid, ceramides, and vitamin D * Developed with dermatologists * Salicylic acid enables moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply. * Contains ceramides that moisturize and soften skin. * Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin D. * Non-comedogenic and non-irritating CeraVeΠSA is your daily defense against extremely dry sin. Its patented MVEΠformulation releases ceramides and other essential ingredients throughout the day, so they penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate and nourish. It always has the power of salicylic acid to loosen and exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for enhanced effectiveness. The result is soft, silky smooth skin that looks and feels great. 8 oz


CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion

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