Snails aren’t just garden pests and fancy French fare. These slimy critters could hold the key to unlocking healthy, beautiful skin, and it’s all thanks to a little evolutionary adaptation that helps them survive in harsh UV light. In the 1980s, Chilean snail farmers noted that worker’s hands were soft and supple after working with these common gastropods. Since then, snail oil has become a popular skincare ingredient.

The Science of Snail Serum

Snails secrete a product called mucin that protects their soft bodies from the hazards of slithering around over branches, leaves, and other sharp objects. It also works to heal the damage they encounter quickly, including UV damage from the sun. Perhaps most importantly, snails can use their slime to seal themselves inside their shell because of its ability to retain moisture during dry conditions.

All of these protective factors mean that skincare products with snail serum can help your skin heal, retain moisture, and fight back against harmful UV radiation.

SCA Technology in Tensage Products

Tensage’s growth factor products make use of SCA Technology (Secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa) that work to help skin regenerate tissue that is lost in the aging process and prevent further breakdown.

Tensage’s products provide firmer skin with renewed elasticity, smoothing of fine lines, softening of coarse wrinkles, increased hydration for softer skin, and faster recovery following skincare procedures, like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

The brand’s Intensive Ampoules boast a high level of growth factor, ideal for post-procedural skin repair and healing. It can help shorten healing times, reduce negative side effects, and increase the chance of optimum results. Some users even report visible improvements within 24 hours after first use! These tiny ampoules pack a big punch of biorepair abilities.

Their Growth Factor Serum is an oil-free daily serum perfect for all skin types. It works to improve visible signs of aging with powerhouse ingredients like niacinamide, antioxidants, brightening agents, and humectants. It’s essential for maintaining results from dermal procedures.

Tensage’s methods for gathering and using snail serums are safe for the animal and the customer. No snails are harmed in the collection of SCA Technology or in the making of any of the Tensage products. The secretion is filtered for purity before being added to the products.