When considering whether or not to pursue cosmetic surgery, scarring falls into the top 5 concerns patients have. 

Further, 75% of patients say that they would go to any length to minimize scarring, even if they resulted in only minor improvements in the appearance of their scars. 

Don’t let the fear of scarring hold you back from confidence-boosting cosmetic procedures! Instead, invest in the Silagen Scar Gel, available at AST. 

Types of Scars

Not all scars are the same. Depending on the severity of the wound, what damaged your skin, and how well your body underwent the healing process, you may develop fine-line, keloid, hypertrophic, contracture, and atrophic scarring. 


If minor wounds heal normally, you may be left with a typical, fine-line scar. These are extremely common and will usually heal over time. 


Keloid scars develop when your body is too aggressive in the healing process. It can produce an overabundance of collagen to repair a wound, resulting in your scar tissue continuing to grow, even after the wound is healed and extending beyond the original insult. Keloids are typically tight and painful, especially if they’re near a highly mobile joint, like your knee or elbow. 


Hypertrophic scars also develop from excessive collagen production, but they do not continue to grow after the wound is healed. Instead, they thicken, adding new tissue layers for up to six months following the injury. They can gradually improve over many years. 


These scars come from burns. When you injure your skin by burning it, it contracts, tightening the area. If the scarring is bad enough, it can restrict movement or damage underlying nerves. 


Atrophic scars are usually the result of acne. The wound heals underneath the skin, leaving an opening through the top layers that cannot regenerate new collagen or skin cells resulting in a depressed or “ice pick” scar. 

Silagen Scar Refinement

The Silagen System works to flatten, soften, and reduce the appearance of old or new scarring with a vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free product that is only available through a physician. 

Topical Silicone Gels

Available in either 100% pure silicone or silicone + SPF 30, Silagen Topical Skin Gels are a soft, silky treatment that leaves no sticky residue behind. 

TEWL, or trans-epidermal water loss, prompts your body to create more fibroblasts and collagen, which in turn contributes to thicker, more highly-pigmented scars. This clinically proven, award-winning product targets TEWL.

As the gel dries on your scar, it forms a protective silicone barrier that protects the skin from moisture loss, aids in healing, and reduces the appearance of both old and new scars. 

Whether you are preparing for a procedure or want to fade a scar from your childhood, Silagen’s Silicone Gel can help. Either schedule an appointment with one of our providers to determine the best treatment for you scar or stop by on our locations near you, and our skincare experts will fill you in on everything this product has to offer!