While the summertime sounds great in concept, all of the sand, sun, and sweat can take a major toll on our skin. Even with the protection of SPF, chemical pool treatments can cause drying. Days sunning in the sand can lead to irritation. Even a nice hike on a hot day, when it doesn’t take long to break a sweat, can cause unwanted breakouts on more than just your face. While winter comes with its own unique challenges for your skin, summer is hardly a walk on the beach for those who struggle to keep their skin moisturized, nourished, and well-balanced. With a few simple skincare changes, you can enjoy all that summertime has to offer, while still protecting your skin from sun damage, aging, and blemishes.

Start with Your Moisturizer

In the winter, our skin is thirsty for all of the extra hydration it can get. Rich, thick creams are necessary to protect our skin from the cold, dry air. In the summer, though, heavy moisturizers are not the answer. In fact, they can trap pollutants and sweat in your pores, leaving you more prone to acne. As it gets hotter and more humid in the summer our body produces more sebum (oil).  More sweat means more sebum, and that leaves you prone to more breakouts.  So in the summer it’s best to choose a lightweight or oil-free moisturizer that doubles as SPF.

Invest in Exfoliants

If you aren’t using an exfoliant, now is a great time to add it to your skincare routine. Not only does it help slough off dead skin cells that begin to collect in your pores, it can help control oil production, which is especially important for those who find that their skin gets particularly greasy in warmer weather. Be sure that you’re not exfoliating too often, as it can break down your skin barrier and exacerbate your skincare concerns.

Love Your Lips

Your pout is prone to over-drying in the winter, but the same problems can crop up if you’re spending all day in the sunshine. Keep a light balm with SPF nearby to soothe dry lips and protect them from the aging effects of UV rays.

Cleanse, But Not Too Often

In the summer, we tend to shower more. Whether it’s after an outdoor group yoga session or following a trip to the community pool, it’s tempting to jump in the shower between activities just to feel refreshed. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a minute to rinse off, be cautious. Hot water can dry the skin, leading to more flaking and irritation. If you find yourself struggling to maintain your skin’s hydration, keep the water temperature down and use a cleanser twice a day.

Keep in Touch with Your Dermatologist

While many of your summer skincare concerns can be addressed with a few simple skincare product swaps, it’s important to maintain open communication with your dermatologist. Not only will they be able to provide you with expert advice specific to your skin, but they can also keep an eye out for common indicators of bigger issues, like summer eczema flareups, severe sunburns, or even signs of skin cancer. What might seem like just another symptom of too much time in the sun could be a warning sign of something far more critical.

While there’s no need to be afraid to head outside from June to August, it is important that you give your skin the TLC it needs to stay healthy, radiant, and beautiful! With just a few easy changes to your skincare routine, you can enjoy the sun and your skin, all at the same time!