If you live with sensitive skin, you know the bevy of problems that can crop up at any moment. Switching skincare, using perfume, or even being outside on a windy day can throw off your skin’s balance, causing redness, inflammation, and discomfort.

But sensitive skin doesn’t mean you have to throw out your beauty products and resign yourself to an indoors only existence. With the right treatments, you can keep your skin in check.

Sensitive Skin Needs Extra Love

For most people, our skin has a thick outer layer of protective lipids to act as a barrier to keep hydration in and irritants out. All of us have spots that are much more delicate because the lipid barrier is thinner, like around our eyes.

For people with sensitive skin, though, this issue can affect anywhere on the face and neck. Missing pieces of the skin barrier mosaic can’t hold moisture the way that healthy skin can, which causes dryness and flaking. Additionally, it causes your skin to absorb products deeper than they are meant to be absorbed. When these products reach the delicate inner layers of the dermis, they react, causing the tell-tale redness and inflammation.

Soothing Sensitive Skin

When sensitive skin flares up, you want quick relief for your itching, irritation, and discoloration. Products specifically suited for your skin’s unique lipid barrier help combat sensitivity and provide a wave of soothing hydration. At Advanced Skin Therapeutics, our favorite products calm even the most temperamental skin.

Meg 21 Redness Relief is a fast-acting formulation of Supplamine, aloe, burdock root, comfrey, allantoin, licorice, and ginger. Together, they soothe and calm inflammation, irritation, and redness, all while fighting the signs of aging by preventing glycation.

Reactive Skin Neutralizing Serum by NeoStrata uses the power of BioCalm ComplexZ, a proprietary blend of ingredients that effectively target the causes of redness by restoring the skin’s barrier. This ingredient features bio-active ingredients to help interrupt the inflammation cascade, improve skin resiliency, and reduce the appearance of flushing.

SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer contains a peptide complex that combats environmental triggers that can lead to redness, flushing, burning, and discomfort related to skin sensitivity. It works alongside botanical soothing ingredients to calm and cool following a flare up.

Living with sensitive skin doesn’t mean you have to settle for dryness, redness, and irritation. Bringing products into your skincare routine that neutralize and nurture your delicate moisture barrier, while adding a boost of hydration can make a big difference in restoring your sensitive skin.