Are you as excited as we are for sundresses, shorts, sandals, and sunshine? Spring is officially here, and with it comes the time to refresh and renew your skin. One of the biggest annoyances of warm weather is the need to constantly shave. From head to toe, body hair is a major time-suck on those days when you just want to feel the sun on your skin. That’s why springtime is the perfect time to begin your laser hair removal treatment regimen.

If you dream of never picking up a razor or heading to your local waxer again, laser hair removal is a dream come true! Not only does laser hair removal eliminate hair anywhere on your body, it also stops other skin troubles that come with hair removal, like bumps and razor burn. That means you’ve got silky smooth skin just in time for beaches and backyard BBQs.

Spring is the perfect time to pursue laser hair removal treatments for a variety of reasons:

It’s More Effective

Laser hair removal works because the lights of the laser are drawn to the darker pigments of your hair. It works the same way that a black shirt left out in the sun will become much warmer than a white one. Creating more contrast between your skin and the hair is the key to successful treatments. Most people are still pale in the spring, which means your treatments are more likely to work better than they would after you’ve already caught a few rays.

It’s Safer

During your laser hair removal treatment, your skin is going to be sensitive to the light of sun. Sun exposure without sunscreen can cause redness, swelling, and darkening of the skin. During the spring, you can still wear long pants and sleeves without becoming hot and missing out on the vitamin D!

It Gives Treatments Time to Work

Laser hair removal treatments take six visits to work completely. Sometimes, your hair may even grow back again before it falls out for good. Visits are spaced 6-10 weeks apart.  Receiving treatment early in the spring can mean the entire process could be complete before bikini season!