With mask mandates keeping our favorite glosses, stains, and lipsticks tucked away, our eyes have become the canvas for all our cosmetics-based creativity. Whether you prefer a bold smoky eye, brilliant pops of color, or something a little more neutral, your eyes are on display… Why not make them look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful with Latisse®?

Our love for luxurious lashes isn’t new. In fact, mascara was one of the very first cosmetic concoctions to appear in history. The ancient Egyptians used a material called kohl to darken their lashes, lids, and brows. Thick, dark lashes are a hot commodity, especially when it’s one of the only facial features showing as we go about our day-to-day. Unfortunately, for those of us who didn’t inherit the coveted long-lash gene, no amount of mascara will provide the volume and density that others will envy.

Sure, you could struggle with falsies or pay for extensions if you have the time and patience. Or, you could grow your own naturally thicker, longer, and more voluminous eyelashes with a bit of help from Latisse®.

How Latisse® Works

Bimatoprost is used for the reduction of high eye pressure. That’s why Latisse’s® original purpose was as a glaucoma treatment called Lumigan. Patients using Lumigan noticed that their eyelashes were much fuller and longer than before they began treatment. So, Latisse®, as we know it today, was born!

Scientists believe that bimatoprost gives your lashes a longer growth cycle and encourages more individual hairs to grow. That means that your eyelashes fall out less often, giving them more time to lengthen before their growth phase is over. The result is a more bountiful lashline without mascara or falsies!

Dreamy Lashes at a Dreamy Price

If you want your lashes to wow, get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapeutics to learn more about our limited-time Latisse® special. Clients who purchase two 5mL kits will receive a 3mL kit completely FREE! That means you’ll have enough solution for five months of application for the price of four!

Let’s get you started on the journey to eyelash bliss by setting up a consultation with one of our licensed providers. We’ll determine whether Latisse® is right for you, then get you started with your prescription for the first FDA-approved treatment for inadequate lashes.