Athletes’ foot and toenail fungus are frustratingly stubborn to get rid of. Even when you think you’re finally free of the itching, burning, flaking, and blisters, the problem can rear its ugly head again, rendering drugstore treatment options ineffective. 

Arm yourself with doctor-prescribed antifungal solutions from the Tetra Corporation. We recommend three of their flagship products to our clients living with tenacious cases of tinea pedis, onychomycosis, and other fungal skin infections of the feet.  

Treat the Problem with Formula 3®, Formula 7® Solution, and Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel®.

While tolnaftate has been the go-to product for treating fungal infections, the Tetra Corporation takes a different approach to the medication in their three treatments they unconditionally guarantee when purchased in a doctor’s office. 

Formula 3®

Combining tolnaftate with jojoba and other essential oils, Formula 3® is unique in that the active ingredient is quickly absorbed by your skin along with the vehicle ingredients. Thanks to its track record of success, it has received the Seal of Approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Apply a thin layer of the product twice a day, keep your feet dry, and you’ll soon find relief. 

Formula 7® Solution & Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel®

Formula 7® differs from Formula 3® in that it consists of an oil-in-water emulsion made with both jojoba and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has long been known as a highly-effective antimicrobial therapy to keep your feet free of bacteria, fungi, and germs. This is emulsified with a water-based formula featuring N-acetyl-cysteine and urea. Urea opens and softens hard keratin to allow the medicine to penetrate deeply, while N-acetyl helps break down the biofilms around organisms, further facilitating the effectiveness of the tolnaftate. 

This formula is available as both an easy-application solution and as a gel. Formula 7® Solution is developed for the softer tissues around the nail, while Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel® is for areas between the toes, where the skin barrier is broken and needs additional support. The gel has penetration enhancers, which work to bring the tolnaftate deeply into the skin, and cosmetic astringents to dry out the area, restoring its protective function safely.

Prevent Future Growth with Clean Sweep®

Each time you slip into your favorite pair of sneakers or wear your orthotics, it creates a warm, moist breeding ground for microbes. In addition to causing that tell-tale “smelly feet” odor, it also welcomes Tinea Pedis to take up residence.

Confront the cause of flare-ups at their source with Clean Sweep®, a clinically-proven remedy for inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold for your footwear. With a few spritzes of the flexible micro-coating, you are applying a long-lasting, pure nanosilver solution specifically formulated to bond to the urea, ammonia, steroids, and fatty acids that build up in our shoes as we sweat. 

For the next 4-6 months, you have perspiration-activated protection from harmful microorganisms right inside of your shoes, from heel to toe box.  

You don’t have to live with the itching, burning, and frustration of foot fungus. Work with our providers to learn about treatment plans and therapies, including Tetra Corporation products, to help alleviate infections and finally break the cycle of athletes’ foot, onychomycosis, and other infections.