A new anti-aging power player has entered the scene in the form of resveratrol, a botanical antioxidant that works overtime to protect your skin from free radical damage and the effects of environmental toxins.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in cacao beans, peanuts, and berries, but red grapes are the most abundant, natural supply. This particular polyphenol is a phytoalexin, an antimicrobial substance that plants produce to stop the growth of parasites in its tracks. Welcoming them into your daily routine provides a concentrated dose of micronutrients straight into your skin while priming your skin’s surface to handle UV damage, toxins, and cell damage easily.

Because of the abundance available from red grapes, red wine is often touted as an enjoyable way to get your daily dose of resveratrol each day. Unfortunately, alcohol dehydrates your skin, so you are probably better off limiting the vino. Instead, rely on a potent skincare serum or moisturizing cream to reap the benefits without the side effects. 

Benefits for Skin and Hair

Like all antioxidant skincare, resveratrol works by bolstering your body’s first line of defense against the unstable ions that wage war on our cellular function. When our skin is bombarded with free radicals, both the natural ones produced internally and external sources like pollution, they break down the structures of our cells. Exposure to smoke, smog, dust, household cleaners, and pesticides set those gears in motion, but the neutralizing effects of resveratrol can reverse signs of premature aging.

Resveratrol can also ease complexion concerns, like inflammation, redness, uneven tone, and rough texture. The botanical compound penetrates easily into the deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen production and healthy cell turnover while soothing irritation. The antimicrobial factor can also help get acne-causing bacteria under control. Within just a few weeks of using resveratrol, you should begin to notice a more rejuvenated and restored complexion. 

Adding Resveratrol to Your Vitamin and Beauty Routine

Resveratrol is available as a supplement and as an active skincare ingredient in your favorite products, which makes it easy to build into your everyday routine, helping you maintain your gorgeous radiance. 

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE is a concentrated night face serum with the maximized concentration of 1% resveratrol, along with 0.5% flavonoid baicalin from the roots of the Baical Skullcap for broad-spectrum antioxidant power, and 1% alpha-tocopherol, the purest form of vitamin E, for a synergistic approach to your overall skin health. 

Advanced Skin Therapeutics Green Tea Cream: Triple Action is a triple antioxidant blend of 90% Polyphenol Isolates derived from green tea, resveratrol and caffeine. This powerhouse will protect you from the free radicals that come at your skin every day.

Let the world-class dermatology experts at Advanced Skin Therapeutics help you find the resveratrol products that fit best into your busy schedule. Stop by anytime to learn more about how antioxidants like resveratrol can turn back the hands of time, enhancing your natural beauty and safeguarding your skin from future damage.