Pain, burning, scabbing, and redness are classic signs of a shingles outbreak, which affects over 1 million people in the United States every year. While shingles aren’t directly caused by stress, particularly difficult times in your life may prompt an outbreak, due to weakening of the immune system. Management of your shingles and stress can go hand-in-hand, along with regular trips to visit your preferred skin care specialist.

Managing Your Stress

Dealing with emotional stress and trauma in a healthy way can mitigate the many health problems that can occur during demanding events. Learning to tackle stress head-on, before it escalates, can help lessen your chances of a shingles outbreak. Try these strategies when life gets challenging:

  1. Meditate or exercise. Finding ways to occupy your body and your mind can relieve stress symptoms and give you a healthy outlet for frustration.
  2. Share your feelings with therapists. They can help you find solutions to dealing with issues in a healthy, productive way.
  3. Be sure to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation only adds to stress symptoms, and further weakens the immune system. Stop stress-related shingles outbreaks before they happen by giving your body the chance to rest.
  4. Avoid things that give you unhealthy amounts of stress. While some stress is positive (like taking on new job responsibilities or trying a team sport for the first time), other stressors can be eliminated. If you are constantly stressed because you run late in the mornings, prepare for your day the evening before.

Your skincare experts at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute can help you decide what shingles solutions are best for you.