We’ve all been there. In an effort to look flawless as the months get warmer, we start exposing our skin to an endless barrage of hair-removal products.Razors leave behind unsightly bumps and the results last only a few days, waxing is painful and requires you to grow your hair out for days beforehand, and hair-removal creams run the risk of causing allergic reactions, on top of being a messy and drawn-out process. For those who are tired of trying the “latest and greatest” miracle product, laser hair removal is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Laser hair removal brings science together with aesthetics to give you the results you’ve been searching for since the first time you ever shaved. Using highly targeted pulses of light, the hair follicles that you’ve been fighting against for so long are destroyed, leaving you with lifetime results.

Though the results can seem magical, it’s really just highly advanced technology that uses the properties of heat to give you silky smooth skin. When the laser passes over your problem areas, it’s attracted to the darker pigmentation present in your hair, in the same way that someone wearing a black shirt on a summer day is going to absorb more heat than someone wearing a white shirt. As that heat is absorbed into the follicle, it destroys it, rendering it unable to produce hair.

The biggest key to seeing beautiful results is to maintain consistency when booking and keeping your appointments. Because hair is on a growth cycle, where some follicles are active and others aren’t, removal generally takes between 4-6 sessions, every 4-6 weeks. That means that in just a few short months, you’ll get years of beautiful, hair-free skin without ever picking up a razor.

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