For many people, the idea of going under the knife is enough to make them resign themselves to the signs of aging. The cost, recovery time, and pain are a lot to swallow, especially when a facelift is not considered a necessary medical procedure.

With the skin tightening technology available at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute, you don’t have to choose between having tight, toned skin and avoiding the hassle of extensive cosmetic surgery. Minimally invasive, non-surgical skin tightening can turn back the hands of time in just about any area you’re dealing with loose skin. With the right treatments, you can say goodbye to double chins, jiggly underarms, or crepe-y décolletage and hello to dramatic, long-lasting results in as little as 45 minutes.

The Power of Heat

As we age, the effects of gravity begin to show with sagging of our skin and jowls.  Our elastin fibers lose some of their recoil and elasticity and our collagen becomes fragmented. We also lose the ability to produce as much collagen and elastin as we did when we were younger. These critical proteins help our skin stay taut, give it elasticity, and create a natural, inner glow. Skin tightening treatments deliver heat deep into the inner layers of skin, sparking new collagen production and tightening existing skin proteins. While you won’t see an immediate difference, the full results take 3-6 months to develop, as your body begins producing more collagen. Follow up treatments in the months after the initial procedure can create more dramatic results, lasting up to 2-3 years with the right skincare routine.

Ultrasound or Radiofrequency?

There are two main methods that are used to deliver laser heat to your skin:  ultrasound and radiofrequency.

Ultrasound is appropriate for those who are looking for a more pronounced lift. The device pushes ultrasound energy deeper into the skin than other methods, tightening and toning from within. A handheld device delivers the ultrasound waves, while you dermatologist monitors the depth of penetration. The results? Immediate tone, with full results appearing around three months after the initial treatment. Depending on your skins overall plasticity, you may only need one treatment, but some patients opt for two.

Radiofrequency uses a similar handheld laser to heat the skin at a more superficial level encouraging collagen growth closer to the surface. Just like with ultrasound, there’s no downtime or recovery necessary. Depending on the level of toning you’re looking for, there may be a need for between 2-6 treatments, administered 7-10 days apart. Both options are ideal for any skin tone, with virtually no side effects or pain.

A newer treatment involving radiofrequency is microneedling with radiofrequency. In this newer, more effective technique, micro needles penetrate the skin where the radiofrequency laser then fires when it is deep in the dermis. This delivers a more effective energy wave deeper to the collagen and elastin tissues. Watch for this new treatment to be available at ADCI soon!

Not sure which option is right for you? Start with a conversation with our expert providers at ADCI. They can help lead you in the right direction toward rejuvenated, toned, glowing skin.