Though it might sound a bit barbaric, one of the most effective treatments in skin care involves poking hundreds of tiny needles over your face. While this may seem like something out of your nightmares, it’s minimally invasive, requires no downtime, and has proven quite effective in treating everything from wrinkles to scars. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

What is Microneedling?

Using a tool called the dermapen, your dermatologist precisely applies tiny needles that penetrate through the top epidermal layer of your skin into the dermis causing a subclinical injury to stimulate healing. It is a type of collagen induction therapy, stimulating healing and new collagen formation. Your body’s natural healing process kicks into overdrive, sending a rush of signals to the skin cells on your face that they need to increase collagen, elastin, and fresh cells to help heal the area.

It works in much the same way that fractional laser treatments work, without the peeling, flaking, or downtime.

Fast, Easy, Effective

One of the reasons that microneedling is so popular is that it works! A 2009 study on the affect of microneedling  therapy on facial scars found that 95% of participants noted that their scars improved by one or two grades.

The participants had various types of scarring, including scarring from acne, injury, and chickenpox. Not a single patient reported an adverse affect. In fact, all were able to return to their daily life the same day or next day after treatment.

This treatment can also help shrink large, visible pores. The rush of collagen production into and around your pores causes them to plump up and appear much smaller than before.

Each treatment only lasts a few minutes, typically 15-20, and can be completed on a lunch break. It can also be done every four to eight weeks until the desired results are achieved. The wounds take approximately 3-4 days to heal, with visible results to skin texture coming after just one treatment.

Microneedling is also relatively painless. Typically, your dermatologist will apply a numbing cream and let it soak into your skin for a few minutes before beginning the procedure, which can help take away some of the natural anxiety you might feel about the “painful” nature of the treatment.

If you still have concerns or want to find out more, a great place to start is at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute. Here, our team of professional providers will help you understand the incredible benefits of this fast and simple procedure.

With benefits like refreshing aging skin, reducing pore size, and shrinking scars, what’s not to love about microneedling?