If you’re tired of bottle after bottle of expensive over the counter skin care products that promise “ageless” skin and impossible results, you’re not alone. That’s where Juvederm comes in. It’s not a miracle and it’s not magic. It’s science that works to restore the health and radiance of your skin and give back the youthful glow you’ve been missing.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an FDA-approved dermal filler that works to fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that naturally appear as we age. It is perfect for smile lines, increasing cheek volume, and even plumping the lips, which can begin to look thin and pale as skin damage becomes more severe.

How Does Juvederm Work?

Juvederm consists of particles of hyaluronic acid suspended in a clear gel. When injected into the skin, it “fills in” the areas where your face has lost volume. Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid, where it exists between cells, giving our skin that youthful glow. As we age, though, our bodies do not produce as much of this chemical as it once did, leading to the skin looking duller and more aged.

Unlike Botox, Juvederm does not numb the nerves in the area being treated. Instead, it actually fills in the spaces where naturally occurring hyaluronic acid once existed. Typically, Botox is used for the upper half of the face (bridge of the nose and above), while Juvederm is used for the bottom half. They work together to create a beautiful picture of radiance.

Is Juvederm Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a low-risk solution to facial volume loss, then Juvederm is right for you. Of course, ask your doctor or dermatologist for a consultation to determine your exact needs and whether or not you are healthy enough to have dermal fillers. They can also help you understand the best care plan and budget to fit your needs.