Teenage acne, cosmetic surgery, and one unfortunate clumsy moment all have one thing in common: The ability to leave behind a scar that can last a lifetime. While some scars are relatively small and unnoticeable, others can do serious damage to your self confidence. Despite being a sign that your body is healing, it’s tough to feel grateful, especially if the scarring is particularly severe.

The Science of Scars

There are many factors that play into how a scar will form. Genetics, the extent of the injury, and even skin tone can be major contributing factors to the way your body forms scars.

When you get an injury that damages the dermis, a deep layer of skin that supplies nutrition to your entire integumentary system, your body’s response is to close up the injury as quickly as possible. In an attempt to prevent infection and foreign bacteria, it begins to pull the edges of your skin together and tells your skin’s fibroblasts to produce “emergency” levels of collagen. Typically, fibroblasts build collagen in a very organized way. But, when there is an injury, it slaps it down as quickly as possible, ignoring the typical organizational structure. This buildup of disorganized collagen leads to what we know as scar tissue.

Typically, scars take a minimum of 6 months to a year before they start to fade and flatten. To help minimize scars sooner, we recommend using medical grade silicone gel or pads on the scar.

Heal Scarring with Silagen Scar Refinement System

Despite our best efforts, the vast majority of scars will stay with us forever.  But, there are strategies for greatly improving the appearance.

If you are part of the 75% of people who say they would go to any lengths to minimize scarring, Silagen Scar Refinement System can dramatically reduce the severity and texture of cosmetic surgery scarring. It’s the first and only comprehensive line of medical grade silicone scar therapies.

Silicone Gel + SPF 30 includes medical grade silicone and zinc oxide to help prevent UV-induced scar hyperpigmentation. It’s ideal for areas that are usually exposed, like the face, neck, arms, and hands.

100% Pure Silicone Gel is also made of medical grade silicone, and it’s faster drying than any other silicone gel available. The formula is free of extra ingredients that could cause irritation. Each product in the line can be used seperately or in conjunction with the other treatments.

These products provide necessary hydration and help close off open blood vessels, signaling to your body that no more “emergency” stores of collagen are needed. The result are noticeably softer and lighter scars following cosmetic surgery.

Only an authorized physician or dermatologist can sell Silagen products. If you want to treat your scars, both old and new, set up an appointment with our providers to learn more about the system.

Photo courtesy of Silagen Scar Refinement