While we normally associate dry, chapped lips as a sign of brisk weather, taking care of your pout should be a year-round endeavor. Along with an amped up regimen of SPF protection, your lips need deep, healing hydration to reach their full potential. And while there is no shortage of cosmetic brands boasting that they’ll give you that bee-stung look you’ve always dreamed of, the health of your lips should come first. A good foundation of soft, supple, well-moisturized lips is like a canvas for a pop of color!

Before you decide on a lip treatment, put some thought into what your long-term goals are. If you’re starting out with a smile that constantly looks dry, flakey, and chapped, a moisturizing treatment won’t do much good until you exfoliate away the dead skin. This will allow any long-term, hydrating treatments you apply afterwards to be more efficient because they can penetrate deeply into the skin. If you’re just looking to increase the allure of your lips, add a moisturizing treatment into your beauty routine that will help you maintain your gorgeous grin.

Treat Your Lips to Some Love

Like the rest of your skin, your lips need skincare products that are specially formulated just for them. Unlike the skin on our body, the mouth contains no oil glands. Without this thin barrier to protect it from the elements, our pout is more susceptible to the changing environmental conditions.

If you live with perpetually dry, flaking lips, start with a healing treatment of Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm. It’s the only lip balm that contains hydrocortisone to help chapped or irritated lips caused by exposure to the sun, wind, cold weather, or reactions to cosmetics. It can also help reduce inflammation associated with cold sores. Cortibalm is also highly recommended for patients on the medication Accutane.

LipSmart is a proven and effective solution for all dry lip concerns. It delivers a wave of intense, medical-grade hydration clinically proven to provide visible results in only 60 seconds. With five actives, including ceramides, phytokine, biomimetic peptides, BioActive Fruit Extract blend, and tribehenin, LipSmart works to nourish, brighten, and soften the skin, while also maintaining elasticity.  It helps lock moisture in, allowing your lips to appear plumper and smoother.

Products like jane iredale’s LipDrink Lip Balm quench your lips with hydrating protection that will leave them feeling moisturized, protected, and lightly tinted. It provides an antioxidant-rich shield against conditions that would cause chapping and dryness, along with a healthy does of SPF 15 sun protection.

Revision Skincare YouthFull Lip Replenisher™ renews with an advanced formula that targets the visible signs of aging including volume, definition and contour. Intense hydration help lips look fuller and more youthful while potent antioxidants guard against environmental assaults. This lip replenisher has a cooling ceramic tip, ultra luxe shine and mint flavor. It can be used alone or over your favorite lipstick.