Despite the fact that cellulite is very common (effecting around 90% of women), we often find ourselves overwhelmed with misconceptions about it. Some believe that only those who are overweight or unhealthy have to live with it. Others question why men don’t seem to suffer the same fate. Still others believe in the promises of creams and rubs. For such an ordinary condition, we seem to know so little.

Let’s start from the top:

What is Cellulite?

There’s a reason why the vast majority of women and only 10% of men have to live with cellulite, and it all has to do with the ways that our bodies store fat.

All of our muscles have thin pieces of connective tissue that connect our skin to that muscle. Between these two areas, fat can accumulate. Women tend to have less connective tissue between the skin and muscle. Additionally, no matter how slim and fit they are, women’s hips, thighs, and buttocks tend to accumulate fat, much more so than men.

When these two factors come together, the fat pushing upwards on the skin and the connective tissue pulling downwards towards the muscle creates the “dimpling” effect of cellulite. It often has a genetic factor, and tends to be more noticeable as you age or if you gain weight.

Creams, Toxins, and the Cellulite Myth

Some companies try to sell special creams and ointments that claim to “pull toxins” out from the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. These claims have never been proven because cellulite isn’t caused by toxins. One way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to train the connective tissues.

While true that weight loss through cardio and healthy diet can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, there’s a reason that even slim people struggle with dimples and bulges. If your body is untoned, the tissue is not strong enough to keep fat where it is supposed to be. Strength training and toning routines, like Pilates and barre, are much more likely to reduce the appearance of cellulite. That being said, there is no guarantee that it will disappear completely or permanently.

There are cosmeceutical products available that improve the overall appearance of loose, crepey skin on the body.

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Neostrata Lotion Plus is formulated with glycolic acid to reduce visible signs of aging including crepey, dry skin. Glycolic acid is known to exfoliate the skin, enhance cell turnover and regenerate the skin’s surface appearance.

SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate is made with rice protein and peptides for loose, sagging skin. “This cooling fluid activates surface tightening and smoothing while supporting collagen levels.”

Using a self-tanner will help reduce the shadowy effects of the dimpling from cellulite. St. Tropez has an assortment of products to use, giving you confidence when you are wearing outfits that show your cellulite areas.

With microneedling, infrared light, radio frequency, and deep massage, fat can be “melted,” absorbed, and passed from the body. These treatments work in combination with strengthening and toning routines. Bringing together fat loss with the tightening of vital connective tissues is the key to reducing the appearance of cellulite.

A Final Thought

While cellulite can feel embarrassing, it’s good to remember that it’s completely natural. Some people may find that no treatment improves its appearance.  Cellulite is stubborn, and it’s prevalence is determined more by your genes than your lifestyle choices.