Are you seeking solutions to give your skin that healthy glow?  In addition to a good skin care regimen, regularly scheduled chemical peels will help you achieve those glowing results.  A chemical peel is a procedure for rejuvenating the overall appearance of skin and stimulating new skin growth.  Chemical peels come in a variety of options and are effective for many skin conditions from acne to wrinkles.  Chemical peels can be customized to your specific skin concern.

What is a Chemical Peel?

There are many types of chemical peels available.  We will focus on alpha hydroxy acid peels.  Superficial peels, sometimes called “lunch time peels,” stimulate new skin growth by exfoliating the dry, dead layers of skin leaving it smooth and fresh appearing.  Chemical peels are highly effective and clinically proven to achieve desired results.  Because of the gentle nature of these peels, they offer short healing time.  You will experience more even tone and texture as well as diminished spots and discoloration.

Chemical peels utilize different alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) including glycolic, citric and mandelic.  AHAs are naturally occurring acids found in fruits and other foods. Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane, citric acid in citrus fruits and mandelic acid in almonds.  Many skin conditions are associated with excessive build up of dead skin cells.  AHAs help to loosen and remove the surface layers of the skin leaving a smoother skin tone and diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What to Expect from an AHA Peel

First your skin is cleansed, then the appropriate peel treatment is applied and left on for a short time.  Next the peel treatment is neutralized to end the action of the AHA peel.  Post peel treatment includes an application of a nourishing treatment such as Bionic Face Cream.  Always avoid sun exposure immediately after the peel and wear sunscreen when going outside.

Most often there is no noticeable healing or recovery time and your skin looks normal within a few hours to a day.  You may experience slight discomfort which may include redness, a heat like sensation, burning, itching or tingling. Crusting and peeling of the superficial layer of skin is normal and expected, although, you do not have to see visible peeling to achieve desired results.

Search no further for that healthy, glowing and rejuvenated skin.  Regular chemical peels may be your answer.  Schedule a consultation with one of our providers at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute to discuss your skin care concerns and remember you don’t need an appointment to discuss your home skin care routine with Advanced Skin Therapeutics.